Dancers of Pointillism Jazz Consort & The Infinite Legacy Project featured in new iBook!

Sus-sous at The Ballet will premiere on iBooks® beginning 11.22.16.  Don’t miss this enchanting  story for the holidays!

The fictional Sus-sous story features appearances by real students.  They are from a scholarship program which encourages kids from many backgrounds to dig in to the process of dance training.  Their inspiring dance journey reflects the non-fiction benefits of cultural education.  Professional artists from Pointillism Jazz Consort joined students of The Infinite Legacy Project in producing research resources for the book.

C R Conceptual Enterprises launches its above-the-ceiling™ learning series with Sus-sous at The Ballet.  Interactive research resources make this story fun for curious minds of all ages!

For a sneak preview of the story, check out the attached photos!


A peek at something new & your turn for choices. . .

unnamedThis week Megan Davis begins her Infinite Barre class — it’s a great workout for EVERYONE!! (“ILPCC: Community Classes for All” on Sunday 10/19 at 1pm at The Infinite Legacy Project Westminster)  ( The ILP Westminster is in the back of Westminster Presbyterian Church,1250 W Exchange Street in Akron – at the corner of Mull Ave & W Exchange Street.Just follow the sign for The Infinite Legacy Project on the stairway behind the church. Free parking available diagonally across from the church on Exchange Street! )

 ** If you have small weights (2-5 lbs.) feel free to bring them to Sunday’s ILPCC Infinite Barre class! This is not a requirement, simply a suggestion!

We’ve attached a flyer about the class & you may also sign up to follow the ILPCC calendar via email:
Your ideas for classes (and when you’d like to take them) would help us very much!  Please take 20 seconds to let us know on this little survey:
Best wishes from your friends at The Infinite Legacy Project

ILPCC: Community Classes for All to Launch on Sunday, October 5 at 1:00pm

The Infinite Legacy Project [ILP] is pleased to announce its ILPCC: Community Classes for All starting Sunday, October 5 at 1pm at its school (housed at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1250 West Exchange Street in Akron – at the corner of Mull Ave & W Exch St). All classes are $5 – always! This provides a way for the community to enjoy movement classes at a very affordable price – and supports the scholarship program of The ILP. (All amounts above the $5 class charge donated to The ILP are tax-deductible.) Pointillism Jazz Consort [PJC] member, Veronica Shreffler-Moss, will start off the program with fun, high-energy Zumba classes each Sunday at 1pm. Then the program will gradually expand to include dance and exercise classes for kids, adults, and seniors, as the ILPCC sees what the community wants to try. Unlike traditional dance studios, the ILPCC outreach program encourages people to come in and try things out – without the commitment of paying for an entire session of classes.

Shreffler-Moss will be coordinating the ILPCC at Westminster, helping to realize the second phase of this outreach mission of Pointillism Jazz Consort dance company. The first phase of The ILP began in 2011 with “Mini Company” scholarships awarded in ballet classes during the Akron After School Program. The ILP scholarship program has grown each session – with hundreds of students experiencing professional dance ‘up close and personal’. Westminster Church generously hosts The ILP so that this cultural education can take place – without socio-economic barriers. Suzanne Winland, Director of Pointe West Performances (the non profit for PJC and The ILP) says: “We’re thrilled to get community members trying out dance and getting in shape! The ILPCC involves everyone in the arts on a personal level and provides much needed funding for the scholarship dance training program of The ILP.” Winland adds: “The more the community comes into this beautiful space – at Westminster Church – the more likely it is that they will attend performances and support local arts.”

The $5 payment is via ‘Square’ swipe (all major credit cards and debit cards welcome); no cash please. Questions about classes? Contact Megan Davis at !

Please visit our “ILPCC Community Classes for All” page to see a current schedule!

Happy #GivingTuesday!

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”
― Winston Churchill

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
― Mother Teresa

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day to reflect and pursue acts of giving and it comes at a perfect time. For many, the holidays result in the antithesis of the purpose they were established. Things like fighting others for the last toy-of-the-year on the shelf on Black Friday (and now Black Thursday!) or pushing in front of peers to get the last 50″ TV for 50 percent off (as though the 42″ TV sitting at home is somehow not enough)… or how about holding a grudge against a family member or a friend that you just can’t seem to put behind you. Maybe it’s something smaller such as not acknowledging a talkative co-worker at the water cooler, because you just don’t feel like hearing about their day.

Sometimes it can be difficult to put aside yourself and whole-heartedly pursue acts of giving, especially when you’re facing your own challenges. However, someone once said “if we could look into each other’s hearts and understand the unique challenges each of us face, I think we would treat each other much gently, with more love, patience, tolerance, and care.” Many challenges can be spawned by life struggles, internal insecurities, illness, or stress, among others. Let’s take the time today to have compassion for others and give the blessings we’re thankful for to the people who need it most…and without any obligation for something in return. Pay it forward!

Each unique member of our program synergistically works together to ensure our mission, to give… and in any package it may arrive: humanities efforts, arts education, music, acting, singing, dancing, community collaborations, among many others. This is what we do best! On behalf of everyone at Pointe West Performances, Pointillism, and the Infinite Legacy Project, we’d like to encourage everyone to live #GivingTuesday to its fullest!!!

To help The Infinite Legacy Project and Pointillism give back to the communitiy, please donate to our #GivingTuesday Campaign: