An After Thanksgiving Message From The Artistic Director

To our wonderful AAS/ILP Staff:

As I enjoy this Thanksgiving season, there is a slight breather to think about the things that have contributed to the richness of my life! I am truly grateful for the way EACH ONE OF YOU carves out time to be a part of Akron After School and the work of The Infinite Legacy Project at Westminster. Although there is payment most of the time, I’m aware of the sacrifices you all make to be a part of this. Trust me, carving out my schedule to make commitments is a tough process; and I appreciate your willingness to do just that! Thank you for all that you do to bring the mission of The Infinite Legacy Project to life in our community!

UPCOMING DEVELOPMENTS: Look for news about our new community classes at Westminster!! You are welcome to propose programming ideas which might interest you, too!

Gratefully yours,