‘Pointe West Performances’ Celebrates 10 Years with the ‘Akron After School’ Program

The Infinite Legacy Project, a humanities-based outreach program of Pointe West Performances, announces its 10th Year Anniversary working with the Akron After School program as a provider of continued arts education for children in the Akron Public School System. The outreach program serves to provide children with the opportunity to continue their exposure to dance and the arts through meaningful cultural projects of the organization’s professional dance company, Pointillism Jazz Consort.

Since its inception, The Infinite Legacy Project (ILP) has been a key collaborator with the nationally noted Akron After School (AAS), a program providing educational enrichment opportunities for elementary school children in twenty-four Akron City Public Schools. Since 2009, the ILP has awarded hundreds of scholarships to participating students for further dance studies, contributing dramatically to the cultural growth and academic improvement of the students and their families. Together, the ILP and AAS were once publicized as a national “Model of Success”. In addition to scholarships and education, the outreach program produces free annual performances and offers reasonably priced community classes. 

“My heart is enlightened when I think about how organic and absolutely effective this educational process is. One representation of this process is with two students that were chosen as our scholarship recipients from Robinson Elementary CLC that were provided with books, shoes, and dance classes at my conservatory. Since then, they’ve progressed quickly to become classroom leaders, to mini company members and today, Akron After School teacher trainees! I strongly believe in exposing our ILP students to Pointillism members throughout this educational process as a means to expedite their progress and give them inspiration,” says Suzanne Winland, Artistic Director at Pointe West Performances.  

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary, scholarship recipients from AAS, the ILP, and Pointillism plan to present a full-length performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at the Akron-Summit County Public Library in the city’s downtown area. The performance will be free and open to the public. To complement the 10th Anniversary celebration, all performers will be presenting “Follow the Magic” flash happenings during May & June of 2013. “Follow The Magic” films, leading up to the celebration performance can be viewed on http://www.youtube.com and Razoo, as well.  

Pointe West Performances is a 501 (c) non-profit organization founded in Akron, Ohio. Contact the company directly for further information at 330.666.2079, http://www.pointewest.org or info@pointewest.org. Please visit their blog at www.pointewestdance.wordpress.com, Twitter @pointewestdance, and Facebook page at P.W. Performances for current news. The organization is accepting donations, which can be made via Razoo at  http://www.razoo.com/story/Follow-The-Magic.


Our collaborators make all the difference!

Pointe West has always made its mission to strive to provide children in the community free exposure to the arts through humanities-based education, participation with professionals, and annual performances.  Crowd funding for our cultural missions (such as community classes, this year’s free performance, etc.) is a constant topic in Pointe West board meetings, impromptu meetings with staff, and informal discussions with volunteers, friends, and families.  After the inevitable topic has arrived, the next questions usually start with who, what, when, where, and how…?For the past couple years we’ve had a very generous facilitator of our mission and an answer to many of these questions, Westminster Presbyterian Church.  With people like Pastor Derek Redwine, Amy Starr-Redwine, Jim Mismas, among many others, we have been provided with such a marvelous “welcoming home”, making all the difference for our organization and dozens of families. Lives are changing positively (even during some very challenging circumstances) and the church’s dedication to the mission of opening Westminster to the ENTIRE community makes that possible!

Along with Westminster, there are many professional collaborators that our also making a difference and impacting our mission.  Some of our professional collaborators come from different places in the world to be involved in our upcoming 10th Anniversary celebration performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” This week,  Caroline Amer (a professional actress-dancer from London, UK) was at The ILP Westminster for the filming of “Follow The Magic.” After the filming she shared her experiences  with the students of The ILP, including her training in London and performing on the stage of The Globe Theatre.  The students were truly inspired and many of them are reading Shakespeare’s play in prep for the show!

There are many collaborators and that truly touch our hearts everyday.  Sometimes, what they believe are small things, make all the difference to our organization!