Reflections: Chloe, “Coming to ballet is my sweet spot.”


Reflections: Veronica, a Pointillism member, shares about life. . . dance. . .

The ILP is a transformative mission. Our world reflects giving. Professional artists give to students (many from socio-economically challenged neighborhoods). Students and families give to community (through volunteer efforts). Community gives to the world (through classes and free performances). And this process reflects positive change throughout. The scholarship program of The ILP has already achieved a milestone in the reflective process of cultural empowerment. Two dancers (who began as students in our Akron After School Program) now teach in their former elementary school. While they enjoy their world exposure to dance, theatre, and music, they share the possibilities of this transformative experience with younger students. STAY TUNED for the many stories of “Our World Reflects Giving” — as told by children, community members, and professional artists from around the world — in the “video reflections” leading up to #Giving Tuesday!

#Giving Tuesday Announcement: The Importance of December 3rd

Hello Everyone!

Tuesday, December 3rd will be a VERY IMPORTANT day in the life of The Infinite Legacy Project. The international “day of giving” (and antidote to “Black Friday”), #Giving Tuesday will help raise awareness and funds for the terrific cultural projects of PWP, our non profit. Ivry Newsome, our Regisseur, and Erin Brown, our PR consultant, will have info about how YOU CAN HELP through social media!

During the next few weeks, we’ll be making “reflection videos” for the #GT campaign, “Our World Reflects Giving.” Mini Company members and their families are also invited to help on #Giving Tuesday.

**More news coming very soon – mark your calendar!!