Pointillism Jazz Consort

Pointillism graphic

Pointillism is the professional dance company of PWP. This eclectic and diverse group of professional dancers ignite free performances in the community and all over the east coast. Pointillism collaborates with singers, instrumentalists, composers, actors, film makers, visual artists, lighting/costume/set designers, improv artists, programmers, web designers, etc. on a regular basis. Members come from all over the world: New York, NY; Washington, DC; Portland, OR; Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX; Akron/Cleveland, OH; London, UK to share their common love for the arts; a synergy that’s empowering!

Pointillism and The ILP

Pointillism is also a major collaborator and driving force behind the Infinite Legacy Project. Members work directly with the Akron After School program, a program founded by Desiree Bolden which operates in the public school system in Akron, to find talented and devoted children in need of ILP scholarships. They also see to the vision of Pointe West Performances by mentoring the child through an ILP scholarship to Mini Company Member to Trainee to Pointillism Member and ultimately to a professional career in the arts. This cyclical mentorship idea is geared to go on infinitely!


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