The Infinite Legacy Project

The Mission: “To provide life-changing humanities education (which crosses socio-economic barriers) through meaningful exposure to the cultural projects of Pointillism Jazz Consort.”

The People: “Driving the ILP is a growing group of artists and poetry is our language!”

Our Story

The ILP is something that reaches beyond limitations and inspires new relationships. It began with some artists who had ideas and ideals. The first idea was free dance performances. The next idea was to create a top flight class curriculum for dance in public schools. Next, was to make annual scholarships feasible. Then, it brought children into the theatre to perform “up close and personal” with professional dancers, vocalists, and actors…creating what we call our Model of Success. At last it created its own school at Westminster Church in Akron – so kids and community members could go as far as they wanted with their dance interests! Located near the Metro, kids from everywhere could come to be a part of the ILP.IMG_2246

Commercial vs. Culture & Community

Children are treated to fine arts and dance projects, which use Pointillism artists from around the world to enrich their cultural experience and encourage community support of cultural growth. Our mission diverges greatly from the usual commercial experience in dance, where the consumer aspects of the process are emphasized.

The ILP is centered on community service – with all of the responsibilities and gifts that process entails. The idea of “pay it forward” is a part of our daily process.

Why is it a project?

Because it is always doing something: classes, community education, performances, community activism.

Why is it a legacy?

Because its activities reach across barriers to create something lasting: community, art, healthy activity, self worth.

Why is it infinite?

Because it goes on forever – in unexpected ways – through the action of poetry, the singing of the soul. . .

“I watched affiliates of the company develop sincere and authentic relationships with the children they were teaching. Their talent and commitment to the Arts were evident in every interaction. . . The impact of The Infinite Legacy Project is immeasurable,” An Akron Public School Master Teacher said regarding The ILP.


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